Covering everything you need to hit the ground running

Below is what is included in our soft-landing offer for startups:

Incorporation of U.S. Dellaware Inc.

We will get you setup with a complete U.S. Delaware Inc. legal entity (registered in California with up to 2 shareholders).

Legal counsel (5 hours)

Leverage our expert service partners for ongoing legal counsel, whether for term sheets, setting up ESOP’s or service agreements. The package includes credit for 5 hours of consultation.

E2 Visa (2x)

Immigration can be a tricky web of legal forms and take a long time to complete. We have tons of experience in setting up visa’s for founders and startup employees, so we help you setup all the right documents and applications. Included in the package is the process to apply for two E2 Visas.

Office Space (2 people) for 6 months

When expanding to the U.S. you probably do not have time to go out looking for working space. So we have done the work for you and setup agreements with office space providers, making sure you are setup in a perfect location together with other great entrepreneurs.

Relocation and housing (for 2 founders)

Moving to a place you don’t know while running a business is hard. We take some of the stress of your shoulders by finding ideal accomodation for your first few months. Please note that monthly accomodation rates are not included in the package.

Accounting, Payroll & tax

With the soft-landing package you will not have to worry about managing payroll, accounting or tax returns. Our local service partner will take care and educate you throughout your first months in the U.S.

Recruiting Support

Getting the right talent to work for you is mission critical, but when expanding to foreign markets you often don’t have the network or time to setup a recruitment pipeline. This is why we provide you with the right introduction to an expert startup recruiter for you to leverage.

IP protection primer

Protecting your technology or business process is entirely different in the U.S. IP protection can be a great way to secure your company’s future value as well as open up new revenue opportunities. We get you a 2 hour session with some of the best IP experts to discover the right strategy for your business.

Total value of 30.000 EUR