Connecting innovation between Europe & the U.S.

APEX Bridge is an initiative launched by APEX Ventures in partnership with other Europe and U.S. based VC funds to help high potential European startups, that have shown significant traction in their home market, with a successful soft landing into the U.S. market. That way startups can continue to focus on driving innovation and conquering new business opportunities.

The U.S. is open for business! However, it is no longer acceptable to fly in and fly out. You must demonstrate what is unique and different about your offering and be prepared to invest both time and money in the opportunity.

The US is the largest single consumer market on the globe!

323 Mio
822 Mio
GDP '16
18.5 Tn USD
16.5 Tn USD
Users Online
286 Mio
630 Mio
Nr of languages
Nr of countries
1 (50 states)
Angel / Seed Activity
6.61B USD
1.6B USD
Total VC Investment

Expanding your business to the US is a major challenge

For many European Startups, the prospect of expanding to the United States is enticing. But doing business there can be a complex undertaking. Companies need to focus on growing their core business. But for too many entrepreneurs, a U.S. expansion ends in costly failure. That’s because companies often expand to the U.S. without making the necessary preparations. The biggest challenges are a non-existing local network, legal affairs, such as visa, incorporation, taxation, etc. as well as human resources. Combined with a lack of experience, understanding of the local culture and way of doing business, the first months of a market expansion can bring critical pressure to a company

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